Vendor Evaluation
Procurement and New
Product Development
Quality Control
Operation Support
Supplier Searching
Vendor Audition & Evaluation
New Product Development
Specifications and QC Criteria
Sampling and Testing
Cost Analysis and Pricing
On line QC inspections
Pre-shipment QC inspections
QC Reports and Summaries
Loading Supervision
Logistic and Shipment
Feedbacks and Corrections
All-inclusive Pricel ist
Service Guangdong
Fujian Areas
Other Areas
in China
Vendor Audition and Evaluation USD300 / Man-day USD350 / Man-day
On-line QC Inspections USD200 / Man-day USD230 / Man-day
Pre-shipment QC Inspections USD200 / Man-day USD230 / Man-day
Loading Monitoring USD200 / Man-day USD230 / Man-day
Notes: All Services need to be arranged 5 days in advance